Kanye West – Heaven and Hell Lyrics


Heaven and Hell Lyrics by Kanye West


Children growing, women producing
Men go work and some go stealing
Everyone’s got to make a living

No more promos, no more photos
No more logos, no more chokeholds
We on Bezos, we get payrolls
Trips to Lagos, connect like LEGOs
Make this final, make this, my eyes closed
Burn false idols, Jesus disciples

I can feel your pain now, I done bled my vein out
New level the game now, simulation changed
No more problems, no more argue
No more askin’, “Who really are you?”
I know the real you, you know we feel you
You know He hears you, you know we with you
Straight from Beirut, Chicago, Beirut
You cray? We cray too
You pray? We pray too
Never too late for Him to save you
This yo’ movie ’cause no one can play you
Devil, lay down, Devil, lay down
This that level, make devils pray, now

Hold up, no peace, hold up, police
Don’t call police, just stay focused
Pray for new life, pray for new breath
Hey, Lord, make sure it’s safe for who’s left
Know you can’t find a place to rest
Know the Lord my bulletproof vest
And we survive, know that we blessed
Save my people through the music