Josh A – Undefeated Lyrics


Undefeated Lyrics by Josh A


Yeah, yeah
(Nobody thought I could do it)

I do what I gotta do to make sure that my family eat
If you’re not talking ’bout taking over, then don’t even speak
I don’t need nobody in my circle that don’t have a dream
If you got a problem, press the issue, boy
‘Cause I been undefeated
I’m back to back, yeah, when I drop it, they feel it
I jump on the beat, and they throw all their hands to the ceiling
I triple my net worth like year over year, it’s a common occurrence
Been fearless, I’m always enduring
I let ’em all hear it, I’m back on the touring
Don’t care ’bout appearance, I kick in the door and
The fans all be cheering, the streams all be soaring and soaring and
Hold my spine, nobody else backed me
They might try, but never get past me
Made my team, nobody else draft me
Still got rings, I guess I’m adapting, yeah
Play of the game, don’t choke that
I promise I’ll never hold back
I swear I’ll body the old tracks
But got new racks, uh

God, money, power, legacy
Only four things that I need
Mad because I do it all with ease
Mad because they’re never topping me
They will never get what I achieve
Yeah, I had to get it any means
Nine to five I had to grit my teeth
Got the nerve to say it was a breeze
Everything I do is for the team
Fakes only do it for the green
Steady with precision, hit it clean
Soul up on the track, let it bleed
This was all I wanted as a teen
Winning, I got Southern on the beat
Mike Evans, kill what I receive
It’s so hard to stay humble

When stacking up trophies, now they all loathe me
But when I show up, they act like they know me
No, I’m not triple six, that was the old me
Yeah, all my dividends got me so cozy
Back in my days I had no one to show me
I had to learn everything on my own
Before I could buy anything that I chose
But now I got both of my eyes on the throne
Like open your eyelids
Speak from the heart so I don’t gotta write this
Love what I’m doing, so they gotta bite it
Funny I drop, put ’em all in a crisis
I heard their song, I’m like why do they like this?
Look at their label like why do they buy this?
Not on my level, no, they couldn’t time this
Cut out the devil, now I’m feeling timeless

I feel undefeated
I’m living a legacy most people only dreaming
I’mma keep on fighting till I conquer all my demons, yeah
And I’mma give this all I got ’cause this the moment where they watch if I make it out

Yeah, I’ll feel undefeated
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah
I feel undefeated
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah
I feel undefeated
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah
I feel undefeated
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, ayy, yeah
I feel undefeated

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Undefeated
  • Performed by: Josh A
  • Written by: JOSHUA A
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Album: Fearless II
  • Release Date: 28 January, 2022