Jonathan Roy – I Wanna Feel Love Lyrics


I Wanna Feel Love Lyrics


Change it aint easy you know life is strange
I don’t wanna keep on living this way
always moving too fast
Get out of my past
Chill out and relax

Waist time flies right in front of my face
Ive been tryin to appreciate
This life that I have
Get on the right track
Cause I can’t get it back

I wanna feel love
Alone out in the rain
Something feels right
Just me and my mind
It took me a while to feel this way
I wanna feel love
A little less insane
Been through so much
The Road has been tough
But there ain’t a thing that I would change
Wanna feel love

Ive changed I’m so grateful for the choices I
Im owning up to all my mistakes
I’m in the moment
My heart is open
Cause I wanna feel love

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: I Wanna Feel Love
    Performed by: Jonathan Roy
    Written by: Cici Ward, Jonathan Asperil, Jonathan Roy, Terence Po Lun
    Genre: Indie Pop
    Album: Life Distortions
    Release Date: 3 February, 2023