Joey Bada$$ – Written in the Stars Lyrics


Written in the Stars Lyrics by Joey Bada$$


So if you wanna be great you gon’ have to be able to do a whole live instrumentation, you feel me?
I said it
Let’s go
Come on
Turn my vocals up
Bring my vocals more to the front
This shit is like

Everything and more you can ask for a single verse
You gotta remember no matter where you at
It could always be worse
Toast for the better, to the better

Men lie woman lie, numbers stay stuck
All my ops unified, I wish ’em all luck
Nobody’s untouchable, still I never been touched
Ain’t no chinks in my armor, not even a scuff
I scour the whole game in these cartier buffs
How the fuck could I complain, my n****? Just look at us
Trips down memory lane, we took the bus
Now we gettin’ escorts to the plane, we way up
Yesterday’s price ain’t tomorrow’s, gotta pay up
Said my stock like a teenage cock, it stays up
Knowing that my time is borrowed, so I stay prayed up
My pockets got ock, guess I got my weight up
Overtime I learned to move smarter with this paper
‘Cause when I had my daughter, yo that was a wake up
529B for my lil baby, Indigo Rain
Already six figures in her name, shit crazy
What’s the aftermath God, n***** get shady
We gon’ see who get to laugh last, they tryna play me
My lifestyle a movie, I’m feelin’ like Scorcese
Sexy like Swayze just a bit more wavy
Catch me in a ‘Cedes dirty dancin’ witcha lady
She do it like Brady, really how could you blame me?
N***** can’t relate so they hate me
Thats why I keep the glock by the waist, there’s no safety lately
Gotta stay dangerous ’cause n***** takin’ aim at us
Papparazzi tryna spot me sloppy on the cameras
But I see the bigger picture, I set the parameters
And anyone who beg to differ, I smoke em like cannabis
You amateurs can’t handle us, trust me they ain’t finna blow
They just really fans of us
They just think I didn’t know
I see them hide behind the critics and the analysts
They get to talking scandalous when they ain’t understandin’ us
But I’m a seasoned veteran, always get the upper hand
N***** goin’ nowhere fast doin’ the runnin’ man
Joggin’ in place with they feet up on the brakes
Tryna expand, but stay the same size like rubber bands
In the meantime I rose like the Son of Man
Shine like stunna man
Looked out for all my pros, forever my brother them
Even if they all became cons in the end I would do it all again
No hesitation, it taught me patience
Brought me many revelations that I’ll be takin’
On this path that I’m blazin’
This top position that I’m now embracin’
Could give a fuck about the praising, bitch, I know I’m god

I’m half man half amazin’, I defy the odds
Leader of my generation, down to die for the cause
We all fight inner wars, hidin’ invisible scars
Legend in the makin’, these bars was written in the stars
(Legend in the makin’, these bars was written in the stars)
(Legend in the makin’, these bars was written in the stars)

Grateful for this abundance that we receive
Everyday that we breathe
For new opportunities to new lessons
New blessin’s no stressin’
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
That’s right

Men lie woman lie, numbers stay stuck
You might get hurt
Through the soul with ease
Move to godspeed

Cheers, my n***** can yall hear me out there? Can yall hear me out there?
It’s all right now
Remember I told y’all it’s all right now
It used to be us all fucked up, nah, it’s all right
Yeah, let’s go up, congratulations
My lil’ brother the baddest, you know what I’m sayin’?
Yeah, you in your bop now, kid
Ayo, they’ll never be like us yo
Ayo, we come from that dirt, that fuckin’ concrete. you know what I’m sayin’?
New York n***** gotta start actin’ like New York n***** again
It’s all right, everybody get lost, you know what I’m sayin’?
Congratulations to the top
Never stop, Love