Jessica Willis Fisher – October First Lyrics


October First Lyrics by Jessica Willis Fisher


I just can’t pretend that I don’t know where you’ve been
I know it’d be easier for you that way
Life’s been going well, I don’t wanna break that spell
But I also can’t forget the way I felt that day

Oh, you hurt me bad, but I survived
I told the truth, you might have lied, but that don’t make me mad
Oh, I’ll never claim to know it all
But you look ready for a fall
And that just makes me sad
It makes me sad

You’re so good at shows, making sure nobody knows
Glossing over all the problems in your history
What’s a girl to do when she’s seen that side of you
And she wants to spare another girl the misery?

Oh, what is the role that I would play?
What are the words that I should say, or would I just offend?
Oh, will I betray all that I know if I just let this moment go?
When will the cycle end? When will the cycle end? Oh

Maybe I’m too late, it would only complicate
No one likes a promise if you take it back
You’re not slowing down, got your pedal to the ground
I pray to God the story doesn’t end like that

Oh, the times have changed but so have I
And I can’t help but wonder why I even wrote this song
Oh, you’ll have to reap the seeds you’ve sown
And I’ll leave well enough along and just keeping going on
I’ll just keep going on