Jesse Daniel – Little Devil Lyrics


Little Devil Lyrics by Jesse Daniel


Well, the devil came back to see me today and he looked a little different this time
He had a little bag of the same old tricks and handed me the same old line
So I dipped in to his bag of sin and I had me a hell of a time
But I was left with an empty wallet and an over anxious mind

But I’m so glad that I’ve got it beat
Or I’d end up like friends I know out livin’ on the street
And I’m so glad that I’ve seen the light
Well the devil comes in every now and then but he only spends the night

It’s an ugly feelin’ and it’s one that I don’t miss
Sometimes I just can’t believe I used to live like this
I forget all about that clean livin’ that I’ve found
But I’m reminded in the morning after when the devil comes to town

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