Jay Bahd – Go Get Lyrics

jay bahd go get lyrics

Jay Bahd Go Get Lyrics

Go Get Lyrics


Lyrics for “Go Get”


Young boy with a big flex
I only sex to release stress
Monday to Sunday mewo testre me p3 cash
Bad boy work hard play less
Off-white clothes be the new dress
Go get 2x


Verse Me and my bros we no bed
We searching for butter and bread
Y3 hia Toto y3hia cash
Y3 p3 s3 y3 pulli ref
Shut up


Mene me n***** on plug talk


Ma role atoso wafr3 cop
Y3n hu obiaa oo Agye God
Mey3 guy man hweme spoot
Off-white no ey3 fose
Ma Rolex Charlie e b gold
Am causing traffic on the road


Monhw3 me Nsua mey3 note
Monhw3 Mensua mey3 goat
Playmanii mensom sika
Mehu Adea ef3 a meto ashada
Pasa seti a mesua koda


Lin ma Kdrin more ama mani
Akata Boyz role a metwe abowa
Suzzy wo fie a men hia sala
Virgil Abloh
Feeling ney3 deep oo dabro


De3 way3 amamene de3 mani aso
Things ne nwom mengyae bo


Geng Geng
Loco all day
Wassup Geng


Broke boyz all the way
Life living gang gang
They already know
Asakaa Jay to the fucking bad
Asakaa to the fucking blooclaat





Song title: GO GET

Performed by: Jay Bahd

Written by:

Produced by: BabyboiRetaliate

Source: Life Living Records Ltd.