Jack Johnson – I Tend To Digress Lyrics


I Tend To Digress Lyrics by Jack Johnson


Is there really someone out there cooking all of this up, he needs it hot
He’s not trying to find me in a microscope
And I’m not trying to cope with the idea
He says, “Nope”, when his friends ask him
If he thinks I’m really looking up from way down here

Is there really someone down there trying to hold on to a world?
He’ll never see me writing notes, or knocking planets over with my pen
In this moment I stay still, I feel I should try to disturb nothing

But I tend to digress from time to time

Back here in the headlights
I compare and I contrast
It’s fair to say sometimes I make things last longer than they want to last
Fall when I was younger
Or next spring when I’ll be singing songs about now
Wondering just how I got from there to here
Or the other way around
Am I just a proper noun?

I tend to digress from time to time
Yeah, I tend to digress from time to time
Is it time to start over again?
Oh time, Is it time to start over again?

But I want meaning I want reason
It’s not enough to have a pleasing morning
Listening to birds sing songs about getting their money’s worth
Or the earth beneath the cement
Beneath the chair I’m sitting in
Under the roof over my head
Under a sky that’s turning red
Under the stars, begin to shine
As I become unstuck in time
Waking up in strange places
Chasing good conversations with my friends
Where’d my mind go? With my friends
What do I know?
I tend to digress from time to time

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: I Tend To Digress
    Performed by: Jack Johnson
    Written by: Jack Johnson
    Genre: Rock
    Album: Meet The Moonlight
    Release Date: 24 June, 2022