imugi 이무기 – Where I Come From Lyrics


Where I Come From Lyrics by imugi 이무기 (@peace Cover)


You know what they say
Everything is better in LA
All you gotta do is hop up on that plane
Then you’ll be famous like whats-his-name
In Hollywood the sky is never grey
The weed is legal and the titties are fake
I like it better where the bus is always late
And pretty women waiting for it in the rain

I gotta get back to where I come from

You know they talk
That everything is bigger in Seoul
You make it there you’ll make it anywhere at all
And if you don’t at least you won’t be alone
RIP to JongHyun
They always you wait for the future that you shape as your fate
Were we born to hate the feeling of reeling in time we need to get by
We light up and get high

Where we come from
We come from somewhere else

These boys just wanna fuck around drink another round make another sound
Pretend we’re in another realm where the girls will sell love
For a itty bitty shitty sense of being
I’m tired of seeing thirst in their eyes
They beg get it for me get it for me
Phone comes alight I’m pretending not to hear it calling
No ones advice sounded better than my spirit calling me back to

Where I come from
I come somewhere else

I gotta get back

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