Immolation – Overtures Of The Wicked Lyrics


Overtures Of The Wicked Lyrics by Immolation


Propaganda set ablaze
Shifting doubt and fear to rage
Antagonize our enemies into conflict

Another poison apple drops
We hate the taste yet eat it up
Death clears way for new acquisitions

Choking down disease and filth
Assassinations without guilt
Devolve into the devils wretched pawns

Discordant villains seed the earth
With famine, plague and war
Spiral downward, ever falling

Endless battles, hostility from which we cannot hide
Endless death, eradication brought down on us

Seething carnal masses awaiting night
Advancing closer, in somber hues of light
Poised and rabid, their armies thirst for life

Their venomous tongues numb us
With caustic hymns of glory
Our peaceful souls will slowly die
In their molten swells of fury

Conquer and divide
The weak and dispossessed
The ravaged flesh of apocalyptic quest
The wicked shall overcome us