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Growth illuminati hotties Lyrics

Growth Lyrics


Growth Lyrics by illuminati hotties


I have been careful

For all of my years
I tried not to move
Too much of your air
Did you find it endearing?
Hesitance so sincere

But you treated me like
A company jet
Took me a few times
On luxurious spins
Cashed in on amenities
And bragged to your friends

But it’s not like they care
They’re so wrapped in themselves
Like the news stand on Hillhurst
All gossip and wealth
You’re so used to the ignorance
Of the apathetic

Each time I come home
I still look for my dog
It’s a force of old habit
It’s not that I forgot
For a second, I’m alright
Till I realize she’s gone

I guess being an adult
Is just being alone
I’ll go back to the couch
Let you stare at your phone
We’ll pretend this is normal
We’ll pretend this is growth