Lyrics for Dogs Don’t Lie by IDK

Dogs Don’t Lie Lyrics


Lyrics “Dogs Don’t Lie” by IDK


Men lie, women lie
Dogs don’t lie when they fuck
All they know is doggy style
Boys lie, girls lie
Everybody lie, what the fuck
Who to trust
(What’s up) I’m trying to say right now
What is the center, the center of it
Like um, what makes you think that people should come and get your autograph?
What makes you get the feeling that you want that?

I guess my only vice is not taking advice
I’m impatient, not saying it twice
I don’t like to repeat if you caught it, alright
You ain’t catch it, too bad, treat ’em like they missed the flight
Put they ass on hold then I tell ’em stand-by (Bye)
I’m sorry but I guess I’m that guy (Hi)
Why everybody calling me an asshole?
I just gave you the honesty you asked for
Bend that ass though
She’ll say yes if it’s a Maybach
Women spinning wheels to buy they vow, Pat Sajak
Niggas changing who they really are just to slay that
We living life like we swiping on a date app
Get the fuck up out my way
‘Cause I ain’t got time
I ain’t go no patience, I got nothing else to say
They ask me what I’m doing I say minding my business, my business
Who I fuck or who I love that’s my business, my business
When I’m counting up the cash my business, my business
I got problems deep inside that’s my business, my business
My business, my business, my business, my business (Ay)

I feel the bad reviews coming
These bloggers giving me sixes
My confidence say a hundred
My fans got my back and they keeping me on track on this railroad to success
Y’all niggas is Tubman
Been said I was coming
Been stinking and creeping on reasons to get even with reality and dreaming
The doubt is my demon
The clout got ’em feenin’
They was sleep, say “Good morning”
All my wins say, “Good evening”
They were friends until they turned to foe like fye fum
The reason why some niggas got goals to buy guns

I never look back, look at how far I’ve come
New watch saying where’s the time going
The men lie, women lie, dogs don’t lie when they fuck, fuck


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