iayze – Gostyle 2023 Freestyle Lyrics


Gostyle 2023 Freestyle Lyrics


They show you real love wheen you broke
They showin fake love when you rich
I done got rich then a bitch
Spent it all and got sick
Made it all back in a minute
Still screamin Free Chris
Bad bitch on my dick wan’ boot off E
You better get your bitch, she all on me
Betta duck we hop out truck
Free lil EBK we light em up
I know n*ggas that hop out that cut
I know n*ggas that only talk money
Gotta a bitch that’ll set some shit up
Gotta a bitch that’ll come flirt for me
I’m on that Murda Worth shit I did it again
Double cup my sins
I got drip that you ain’t even seen
Pull out Cartier lens
So high I can’t steer
Wake up and look in the mirror
I see a real n*gga here
Get the block cleared
My bitch don’t cheat ‘cause she pure
Look at my diamonds they clear
I don’t show fear
I can just get off a xan
And play the lil games that you play
On lil Lani
You try to take me away
Bullet gon take em away
On that ex so i need a Dasani
Dont piss me off but don’t get in the way
I get racks
I get paid so
I got shooters on payroll
Free Lil Dee I’m gonna pop that bond
N*ggas drop off when they don’t see the goat
Free Lil Dee Mr g23
I love that n*gga it’s deeper than songs
Its deeper than songs we slide
Put a drum and a tray together like it’s science
Fuck that I meant to say math
I’m Mr. Get on your ass
Lil bro don’t know what car I’m in
Might do a hit out of C class
I used to post on that block for fun
Ask about me I ain’t see class
He better have a mother fuckin gun
He might get faced in grass
I got a drac’ in this bitch like Degrasi
Draco the 8 balls it’s OVO on crack

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Gostyle 2023 Freestyle
    Performed by: iayze
    Written by: Jace Salter, Kele Krishan Cooper
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Reverence
    Release Date: 7 March, 2023