Huskii – Heroin Rap Lyrics


Heroin Rap Lyrics by Huskii


I feel like Darcy Duggan in the old days
I spin a block in the bucket don’t need a roll cage
I got no time or respect for any of them old mates
Most ’em told jakes when I see ’em back to my old ways

I ain’t tryna rap on drill if that’s a cold case
They talk packs every single thing that I roll laced
We used to get a occa, now it’s old plates
Give a bitch a habit, say I love her now we soulmates

Fat rappers on steroids ,they got the swole face
I keep the muscle in the muzzle for them cold days
Still hustle in struggletown for them dole-days
My family name in your area and it holds weight

I’m the antihero, this is heroin rap
Every day I try and send myself to heaven and back
Guilty conscience, I don’t ever relax
I got Lucifer to thank for writing every track

Done shit I wish I didn’t have to but I’ll never take back
That’s too deep for them ever to catch
They’ll understand though
I pay your BM in bud just to drive a van load

Custy’s all junkies, I got boujwaas in a bando
Remember when pushin’ music the plan though
How we go from doing hand to hands to flippin’ Nandos
Money ain’t as fun if all your mans broke
Fighting all these demons ain’t as easy when your fans know, true

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