Helena Deland – Swimmer Lyrics


Swimmer Lyrics by Helena Deland


The sun has hardly warmed the water when it crashes on the sand
You hoped it would be warmer, you say, pulling out your hand

The warmer waters get the more the oceans expand
You told me first and then I didn’t really understand

If I could turn back time
I would and I’d be good
I would always be kind
To you
To you

You say, “Look at this, the world still spins and beauty will never go
It was there before, will be there more when there’s no I to behold”

How suitable, you the buoy, you arms like silver fins
Your head afloat, the golden glow of waves crashing in

If I could make this last
Take more of this moment
Trade in some of my past
You swim
You swim
You in it all, and letting it all in