Hatchie – Lights On Lyrics


Lights On Lyrics by Hatchie


Don’t fall too fast
I’ve got this feeling that won’t ever last
I never wanted to fall
Caught in your trap
Heart hits the ceiling, let’s go, don’t look back
I’ve never wanted you more
But I never wanted to fall

I never felt so good with the lights on
I never understood you were the right one
Cos I can’t stop thinking about your touch
Don’t stop, it could never be too much
Fall down, we could get back up

Slips through my hands
A love so fleeting, I don’t understand
I should have answered the call
I never wanted to fall

We could keep this under the covers
We could keep this all to ourselves
But is that all that you wanted?
Just us and nobody else
You can’t tell me it’s not a problem
When you’re stuck inside your head
If you wanna keep on running
I won’t be the one to bring you down

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