HANDSOME – Blame Lyrics


Blame Lyrics by HANDSOME


You can blame me if you want
Put your injustice on us
So don’t go playing the fool
about who you love

Keep away look away now
Could be a threat or a danger
Could find a way to muddy your mind
With the click of my tongue
sting you with our poison
Fill your veins with toxins
keep your kids in lockdown
Might do well to cover up the panty hoes you tried on
Feeling like a python
We’ve got special venom
Even with the bad rep can’t deny that it’s an icon, yah

We could keep the lights on
Show me secrets you keep hidden
And in the morning while I sleep in
You can spread a story that i’m SICKENING


I’m gonna love her honey,
We should get together we can teach you how to love

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