Hällas – Stygian Depths Lyrics


Stygian Depths Lyrics by Hällas


By the ocean’s sharpest cliff he stood, a mournful mind in pain
The callous wind ravished his peer to drown in stygian seas

Once a traveler beyond misery, no longer could he flee
He beheld the rage of Aquilo and witnessed his promising words
To leave with the waves

As he climbed the white stairs to the throne, bareness filled his sight
Sharply rose the bird of prey to leave him to the night

Words in armor weathered in the shade, his grieving heart stood still
He caressed the harp of sorrow, and the woeful chord warbled a curse
He was doomed to disgrace

Will the scathing throes leave me be when in earth?
But if I surrendered would the firmaments burst into dust?

A withering hope in a spiral of anguish
Towards the depths where madness thrives
A sinking ship in the wake of Charon
In this realm I won’t survive

Feel the breeze of Arawn
Breathe the air of silence
The merciless’ own consciousness shall drown in great misfortune

He was lost to the ocean
In the realm of the demon

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