Grip – Good Lyrics


Good Lyrics by Grip


Everybody raise ya glasses up
It Feel good to be alive N**** mad for what
Bad bitch on my side fresh air in my lungs
Love’s in the air I soak it up like sponge
I’m Mother Earth son so I shine like one
We been through tough times never mind that hun You made it this far and did the best that you could As long you good and they good then we good and I’m
Verse 1
Him so good
He can do it better then them folks could
I check all the boxes
Met ball my closets
My chips stretched tall they collect small deposits
I bless ya’ll
these raps is nothing to sneeze at
So if you turnin ya nose up tis you (tissue) that indeed lacks
The mental capacity to actually read maps
On this highway of life I can show you the speed traps like free apps
But n***** too stuck in they ways (waze)
End up fucked in this maze ducking the strays from kids clutchin them ks
Ain’t been outside in a couple of days
Been in the crib cookin up
My last bid shook em up
And I’m only getn better and better wit each joint
That in itself furthermore proves my point
But we ain’t gotta explain what’s understood
Cause u know that I know that you know and they know that
Verse 2
Him so good
And sho to Have ya back like kinfolk would took n***** out the hood and gave a whole new view And when u was down 1, Who loaned you 2
And told you pay it forward ion need dat back
If you was up I know you’d do the same for me that’s that
We was birthed in the same struggle
Brains muddled often taught to keep our pain muzzled
Aim that aggression in the direction of the same complexion
Safe to say til this day we remain puzzled
And man these days ion be lookin at the tv much
They killin for vvs even the peewees clutch
If my granny saw what I saw she’d be crushed
I wonder what do we see when we see us
I see beauty in our blackness it’s packed wit love
So next time, before the mugs try daps and hugs

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Good
  • Performed by: Grip
  • Written by: Columbus Smith III, Kyle Clow
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Album: 5 & A Fuck You
  • Release Date: 4 October, 2022