Good Morning – Misery Lyrics


Misery Lyrics by Good Morning


Hey, what’s with all the rage?
You know you wouldn’t catch me dead there anyway, but still I’ll say that I can wish you all the best with it.
And there, alone at the end, catch that sinking feeling.
That’s misery.
It’s one for you and it’s one for me.
It’s misery and here’s all the best with it.
What’s real or a part of the deal?
You know you’d never be allowed to choose anyway, but still you say ‘Hey what’s that pissing, trickling down?’
Well it’s misery.
It’s not what we deserve and not what we need.
And you wanna change it? Well then you can lead.
Yeah that’s misery.
And it’s one for you and then it’s one for me, and I see that death squad coming hastily.
You know that pale rider faithfully.
‘Hey what’s that pissing trickling down is it?’