Girlpool – Violet Lyrics


Violet Lyrics by Girlpool


She was older, she had a dream and I fit it
She was blond but between us, it was violet
Now I drive my car, park it behind your restaurant job
When you get off, we’ll take off

‘Cause oh, I feel too visible
On the roadside, I put her hand on mine
And Violet cried

LA’s trash but filled with diamond candy
Running with you ’cause you’re sticky, sweet and pretty
When you held me like a doll, that’s when I felt so fucking strong
But without lust, I get lost

Oh, which one of us got wrong?
There’s a murder kiss dying on my lips
I’d say anything to make a minute from that day
One I don’t wanna throw away

Oh, I feel too visible
Oh, I feel too physical
Violet was a falling star
I couldn’t catch or put in my pocket
Even if I could, I don’t think that I’d want it