Giolì & Assia – Meaning of Life Lyrics


Meaning of Life Lyrics by Giolì & Assia


Question of all the time
what’s the meaning of life?
is there a meaning of life?
there’s no meaning of life

silence’s so loud
I’ve been sitting here alone
madly asking to myself
do I have a purpose?

I’m blending in the crowd
in this picture of life
one of a biollion dots
in a Seurat canvas

so please your soul
feed it with all the emotions
cause there’s no time to waste

just please yourself
don’t mind the consequences
cause we won’t be there for long
we won’t be there for long

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Meaning of Life
  • Performed by: Giolì & Assia
  • Written by: Assia Nania, Giorgia Lipari
  • Genre: Dance
  • Album: Fire Hell and Holy Water
  • Release Date: 9 September, 2022