G Herbo – Remorse Outro Lyrics


Remorse Outro Lyrics by G Herbo


Big Oz on the keyboard and shit

I lost a lot
A lot of shit I did and been through, I don’t even remember ’cause
I was self-medicating, poppin’ xans, drinking lean and shit tryna forget
But at the end of the day man, I could never really forget it
But that shit a part of me even when I try as much as I try to
It just come back
I don’t know if that shit makin’ me stronger or what
I really shouldn’t even be tryin’ to forget it but fuck

In the trenches with apes, my killas was starvin’ so n***** got ate
In this business with all ’em intentions I noticed that n***** be fake
Yeah my loved ones and ‘nem, tried to show ’em the way but it filled them with hate
Although I can’t relate, they gave me they plate and I filled it with steak
Havin’ feminine traits, can’t go get it honest, they willin’ to snake
I rather respect n***** gangsta up close, they see it and take
Type of shit that I can’t go back to the streets, I lost all of my faith
A whole lotta n***** turned jakes, they rattin’ and tellin’ the state
They telling the feds all they n***** dead like my n***** ain’t
Wanna see me in jail but I can’t, it’s way too much money I make (Pussy)
And the life that I’m living, they wish they was living, they want ’em a taste
Gotta stay on my pace, I was moving too fast, ain’t nothing to chase

Man, I lost my lil’ brother to this shit
Before that, don’t get me wrong, I lost a lot
But I feel like as real gangsters, that’s what we sign up for and he just ain’t deserve it
Funny thing is though, when I think about it in the deepest way
Knowing him, he felt like that’s what he signed up for too
In any way possible, I’d rather it be me right there by his side, next to him ’cause I feel like it would have been different and it should’ve been different
You know these days I’m just living life based off that
G Herbo, Swerv’

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: Remorse Outro
    Performed by: G Herbo
    Written by: Carvena Jones, Damon Jackson, Daniel Ivy, Herbert R Wright
    Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
    Album: Survivor's Remorse: A Side & B Side
    Release Date: 10 October, 2022