G Herbo – Paid Lyrics


Paid Lyrics by G Herbo & Essex


I got my gun on my lap, still I changed my life
I got my son on my lap, been on the run, I can’t nap
I had to run before rap, if I ain’t strapped then we can scrap
But I was young making it clap, no soldier
Mention us get whacked, I told ya
Chip always been on my shoulder
I got older I got colder
Swervo had a long start, fucked it off in Chrome Heart
Popped out with that 44 no pet I let my dog bark
Pussy I don’t think for you I had to play my own part
When they hoes, n***** show it
I got rich and n***** know it
Been in shit and never folded
Got in jams and n***** toted
Paid bills like I owed it
Break the whip they think I sold it
Bodies dropping, talking slang a lot you know we gotta code it
Broski catch a case on my behalf he know he gotta hold it OG and his kids golden, draco mini I can’t fold it
FN registered with security, I got one that’s stolen
You know what that mean, I gotta flee the scene
Whips paid, cribs paid, spent a bag, still paid
Bitch paid, niggas paid, never paid, get ‘em slayed
Took losses n***** traded cribs raided still paid
War time n***** played find out where them n***** lay
Really paid, my house got a maid young made man really made it
In the shade,
Cant no n**** fade it
Built for shows, 800k no less
Okay no stress
I hop in the whips I’m like ok, I’m blessed
I ain’t been to church cause I cant confess
I’ve been doing shows for 80k so now I can’t for less
Whips paid, cribs paid, spent a bag, still paid

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: Paid
  • Performed by: G Herbo & Essex
  • Written by: Herbert R Wright, Joshua "Southside" Luellen
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Album: Survivor’s Remorse: A Side
  • Release Date: 7 October, 2022