G Herbo – FWM Lyrics


FWM Lyrics by G Herbo & Yosohn


Man you n***** can’t fuck with me, run with me
Step, stomp, with me
I’ve been dolo in the streets, ain’t never need no company
And now I got a company
My money steep, but still discreet
I roll with heat, you roll in 3’s
I throw up 3 I’m throwing B’s up
And we got them b’s up
In the street, I seen n***** freeze up
Up the glock and I made n***** ease up
Bitch I rap this gangster shit because I live it
Shot and I ain’t up my pivot
Most these n***** they not with it
I can’t
feel it
Fuck with me, if it’s up it’s stuck with me
That’s why they don’t fuck with me, fuck with me
I pull up they think I brought some luck with me
Cause my truck a buck fifty
Plus another buck fifty buck fifty plus fifty
I can’t chill, I’m so fucked up I can’t feel
I can’t even go on no drills cause I’m so up that I can’t kill
Tell the truth I’m real n****
That’s cause I’m a real n****
Alley oop my lil’ n***** tell them to go spill n*****
N***** having hit records how the fuck I’m still bigger
the fuck I’m still richer how the fuck I’m still LIT

Intuition, made it this far off quick decisions
Like do I let you bitches breathe or do I get to blickin’
And I been maxin’ out my speed
I need an intermission and I’ve been packin’ up my jeans cause I’ve been stacking up my G’s
And I’ve been racking up my fees, I got the fans all on my dick
I got my lawyers at my knees, got the world at my feet
I got a trick still up my sleeve
All that shit stay on my mind
Gotta stay up on my grind so these problems I don’t need ‘em
And I’m dangerous like a seizure
I’m ballin’ like Ariza
I’m in Prada, I’m in Neimans, I don’t call her, I don’t need her
You don’t love her, I don’t either
I just fuck her, I don’t feed her
When she out with you, can’t speak to me
She stay with you, she sleep with me
She mean to you, she sweet to me
She fuck with you, she sneak with me
My life crazy, outrageous, mind racin’, need a shrink
Fuck with me
Fuck with me
Fuck with me
Fuck with me
Fuck with me
Fuck with me
They can’t fuck with me
But fuck with me

    Credits & Song Knowledge

  • Song Title: FWM
  • Performed by: G Herbo & Yosohn
  • Written by: Carlos Martin, Herbert R Wright, Kameron Cole, Michael Suski, Robert Elijah Fairfax III, Walter Sigler
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Album: Survivor’s Remorse: A Side
  • Release Date: 7 October, 2022