Fickle Friends – Glow Lyrics


Glow Lyrics by Fickle Friends


I was so broken
A Frozen statue
wasn’t moving forward
More falling backwards
Into old habits
Thought you must be a god
More like an angel
Like in the bible
seemed to know what’s best
I guess you were right I
put up a fight you
Brought me back to life

You’re not a therapist
But I don’t care
You’re much better than that
the smile on my face
Is your work of art
So much my cheeks beginning to ache
I just can’t wait to pay you back
You don’t even know it
Can you see it

Yeh you saved my life
You were just in time
Lucky just to meet ya
When I was super low
You gave me back my glow
You like me when I don’t
You put me back together
When I was super low
You gave me back my glow

I had lost hope
And nothing else mattered
I couldn’t fake a smile
More like a sad face
I thought at this rate
Friends were running a mile
You were an island
More like a life raft
couldn’t let me sink
Those terrors at night
Left after a while
You brought me back to life

“Ye need a distraction
go to a party
Take your mind off it
Sleep when your dead
Ill fight your battles
I’ll make you breakfast
Send you a playlist
Put you to bed
You need a vacation
Find you a past time
Run til you can’t walk
Outta your head
Say it’s your birthday
Drink on a Wednesday
Stop feeling guilty”
you said

You are a star
And you don’t realise
You’re right there
You are a star
And you don’t realise
Can’t you see it

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