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Emtee Revolutionary Lyrics

Revolutionary Lyrics


Lyrics for “Revolutionary” by Emtee


Ey this one
You Know


No more stressing yeah
Living is a blessing


When i step in ey
You can see with my face I fear nobody ey
Vele vele a ke letshabe ey
Long live sitha sami ey
Lizofika e lami ey
Told mama unga worry ey
Lento ngiyenzela usapho Iwami ey
Phakamisa intwana zami ey
Ndingalibali ne lali ey
Na ma hater wami ey


Everyday I put them on
Everyday I make a new song
I don’t care what you on
They know who put them on
I’m a revolutionary so they been trying to silence me
I never had to go buy a beat
You not a OG you just a
I’m a boss man who’s gonna fire me
Yeah I see that you rapping but I’m getting more money, ey


Ey, first of I would like to thank
For my sons, two boys you know, Avery and Logan
I had to do it for Logan this time
I seen all done it all flip money like
They wonder where it’s coming from
I’m not a fraud
I still pray when I wake up ey
Plenty of snakes out there
I stay safe out here
You want me in a
I need a


You know they envy us
Don’t do this shit just because
I’m putting a lot of Love
They hoping i fuck it up
Yeah I see them
Oh man
Ducking when I see them
I’m a hustler


For the money bitch I’m
I hustle while you sleeping
I’m cooking what you eating
Get beat up just for tweeting
I pray I never


Abantwana bami
Nibo hlonipha igama lami
You were
Nibo khuluma phambi kwami ey
Aninga bangani bami ey
Ndiyindoda anginisabi ey
Why nicinga


Indoda ingwawa namhlanje k’sasa iphinde ivuke
Indoda ingwawa namhlanje k’sasa iphinde ivuke
Indoda ingwawa namhlanje klsasa iphinde ivuke



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