Eddie Vedder – Power of Right Lyrics


Power of Right Lyrics by Eddie Vedder


Bright man scared…
Living in fear
An itchy trigger finger
A clown in his ear

His intimidation
Born of his fear
Hypnotized, bloodshot eyes
And a mind unclear

(Fading light that disappeared)

She came out of nowhere
He had to be near her
On a moonless night
She was the only light

No escape from
Her pull of gravitation
She colorblinded sight
She echoed in his eyes

She had…
She had the power of right


Knockin’, knocking on the door
With his centrifugal force
Couldn’t take the first step
Rocking back and forth

Held his invitation
He fell on his sword
Hypnotized, blood shot eyes
And he’s begging for more

(Drowning with the undertow)

She took possession
Upon a cross she kept him
Behind the scenes
Bu-burning gasoline

He took her to the altar
She’s thinking ’bout cremation
Hands up in the air
Crying cocktail tears

No witnesses here
She thought the coast was clear

Fuck the past, or you’ll fuck your future
Don’t look back, for fear that the truth hurts
Atomic blast, he was out maneuvered
Didn’t stand a chance…
A fucking hoover…

The power of right
Power of right
Power of right
Power of light

Heed the power
Equal power
Share the power
Feel the power

Fight the power
Be the power
Feed the power
Be the power of light

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