Eddie Vedder – Earthling Lyrics and Tracklist


Eddie Vedder Earthling Album Lyrics



Artiste: Eddie Vedder

Album: Earthling

Genre: Rock

Date: February 11

Year: 2022



Eddie Vedder Earthling Tracklist

1. Invincible Lyrics

2. Power of Right Lyrics

3. Long Way Lyrics

4. Brother the Cloud Lyrics

5. Fallout Today Lyrics

6. The Dark Lyrics

7. The Haves Lyrics

8. Good and Evil Lyrics

9. Rose of Jericho Lyrics

10. Try Lyrics

11. Picture Lyrics (feat. Elton John)

12. Mrs. Mills Lyrics

13. On My Way Lyrics

Over the course of 30 years, Eddie Vedder has evolved from wild-eyed spokesperson for a generation to spotlight-allergic grouch to, slowly but surely, one of rock’s elder statesmen—a guy who can comfortably share a stage with Bono, The Boss and JAY-Z. And though his second solo outing (2011’s aptly titled Ukulele Songs) showcased his gentler side, its follow-up is more diverse: a panoramic sprint through blistering punk (“Power of Right”), classic pop (the Elton John-enriched “Picture”), road-ready anthems (“The Dark”) and the sort of tender ballads he’s penned for Pearl Jam this side of the ’90s (“The Haves”). Most of all, Vedder—long seen as self-serious by some—sounds like a kid in a garage here, calling out to ground control from the cockpit on “Invincible” or shooting himself out of a cannon on “Try”. It sounds like he’s having fun.

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