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Ed Sheeran = Album Lyrics



Artiste: Ed Sheeran

Album: =

Genre: Pop

Date: October 29

Year: 2021



Ed Sheeran = Tracklist

1. Tides Lyrics

2. Shivers Lyrics

3. First Times Lyrics

4. Bad Habits Lyrics

5. Overpass Graffiti Lyrics

6. The Joker And The Queen Lyrics

7. Leave Your Life Lyrics

8. Collide Lyrics

9. 2step Lyrics

10. Stop The Rain Lyrics

11. Love In Slow Motion Lyrics

12. Visiting Hours Lyrics

13. Sandman Lyrics

14. Be Right Now Lyrics


“The theme of the record is me turning 30, becoming a dad, losing a friend, trying to balance work and marriage,” Ed Sheeran speaks on his fourth full-length LP, =. “It’s stuff that really has meant a lot to me.” The follow-up to 2017’s all-conquering ÷ was originally conceived as an acoustic record, with Sheeran setting up in Nashville way back in 2018 to work. You’ll find tracks from that time here (“First Times,” “Love in Slow Motion”), but—with Sheeran restlessly writing and recording right up until its release—= is a typically eclectic record from an artist who has always delighted in confounding expectations. There’s ’80s-inspired pop (the gargantuan “Bad Habits”), sad bangers (“Overpass Graffiti”), a cinematic piano ballad (“The Joker and the Queen”), and even a child’s lullaby, written for his daughter (“Sandman”). All tied together by bare-skinned songwriting, = is Sheeran’s most personal, moving record to date. And he has just one request before you press play. “Please just listen to it once in order, that’s all I ask,” he says. “I don’t care what you do after your first listen. Put songs on a playlist, put the album on shuffle—whatever you want. But you should listen the way it’s intended to be listened to at least once.” And as you do that, read Sheeran’s intimate track-by-track guide to the album here.

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