Dreamville & J. Cole – Freedom of Speech Lyrics


Freedom of Speech Lyrics by Dreamville & J. Cole


Y’all n***** know what it is when I show up (King Cole)
The energy switch in this motherfucker

Came through with a bad bitch in tight britches
Made the ho book her own flight, I’m type vicious
Black boy fly, stupid racks, oysters on my plate
So much bread I think I got white privilege
Access to five-star rooms and white bitches
I dreamed it like Bing Crosby dreamed a white Christmas
After shows fuckin’ on the slutty snow bunnies
I done came to the conclusion that I only like sisters
And that might be a hard pill to swallow for a few
She had dreams of fuckin’ Cole and even her father would approve
(Yes, honey, you can fuck him) Look what a dollar bill’ll do
Made them bougie bitches workin’ up in Prada smile at you
Yeah, I know you hate a n****, but I’m still smilin’ too
(Will that be all, sir?) That’ll do
Get-money attitude
You weren’t ‘posed to catch no feelings, bitch, we had a rule
Netflix when you come through, they ask
“You n***** still watchin’?” on the TV prompt
She give me dome, I catch some Zs, I call her ZZ Top
I keep it PG when you see me, but I hee-hee not
You go against the mob, you might just get your pinky chopped
I can’t believe he think he hot and his CD flop
Hey, I done seen too many white folks in dashikis, stop
Cole, bitch, the flow switch like every fall
I was very poor, now I ball like a young Demi Moore
Henny pour on any floor
Pain seepin’ out my memories’ pores
Lord forgive me for the times I didn’t follow
It was reflected in my music, all my shit was hollow
But now I spit with hollow tips and follow with the pyro
I politic, you ride to this, then call out sick tomorrow
I’m ill, fuck how you feel
Don’t need no goofy-ass Richard Mille for your bitch to tell that I’m rich as hell

You know what I mean?
And that’ll be all, ladies and gentlemen
I appreciate you for comin’ out tonight
Yes, yes, yes, yes, if you wanna check us next time
Same time, same location (Hahahaha)
We known to fuck shit up every time we step on this motherfuckin’ stage
That’s right
And this is just a mixtape (Ha)
You asked for it
E, what up?