TWO SHRiMPS Lyrics by DOMi & JD BECK (feat. Mac DeMarco)


Two shrimps pull up my way
Like you’d never know
Spare me where you came from
Grab the keys and go

Cowboy out on the front lawn
Cowboy song
Eyeballs out for the first dawn
First dawn
Old man sings out a young song
Young man’s song
Here for now but soon gone

Two shrimps see it clearly
I must be getting old
Spare ’em where I came from

Cowboy out on the front lawn
Then the cowboy’s gone
Eyeballs closed for the big yawn
Big yawn
The old man singing a young song
Young man song
A goodnight kiss and a so long

Two shrimps pulling my hair
And now it’s time to go

    Credits & Song Knowledge

    Song Title: TWO SHRiMPS
    Performed by: DOMi & JD BECK (feat. Mac DeMarco)
    Written by: Domi Louna, Jd Beck, Mac DeMarco
    Genre: Jazz
    Album: NOT TiGHT
    Release Date: 29 July, 2022