Doe Boy – GENUINE Lyrics


GENUINE Lyrics by Doe Boy


Everybody startin’ to like all my pictures now, like they rootin’ for me
‘Cause they see shit startin’ to change (Hahaha)
But they really not, though (They ain’t real, n***** hatin’)

See, I don’t gotta write that shit down
They know I speak that shit straight from the top, ’cause that shit really
That shit really facts
That shit really come from somewhere
You get what I’m sayin’? (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

How real can I be? Shit, how real can I get?
Fuck the damn opps and the ones still gettin’ spinned
Been with the gang thick and thin, n***** still ain’t switched
I been through everything I could go through and I still ain’t a bitch
I don’t know if n***** hate me or if they just hate my wrist
I pop a Perc’, give her this dick, you ain’t takin’ my bitch
N**** crossed that one line and I ain’t spoke to him since
Always talk shit on Live, but don’t talk about how he got blicked
A n**** that said he loved me cliqued up with them n***** who wan’ kill me
I thought I was slimy, psh, damn, that n**** filthy
N**** did me dirty, damn, he ain’t keep it real with me
Even though my n**** Kev gone, he still here with me
“Keep your foot on all these n***** necks,” I keep on hearin’ him
God, why you take away one of the only n***** that still cheer for me?
Hop in the coupe and crash out, the Percocet gon’ steer for me
All them peeps on vibes, you capped out, that’s why you don’t hear from me
I did shit for everybody, but they can’t name one thing they did for me
If I lose it all right now, go back in Lil Will attic, who gon’ visit me?
That’s just real life shit, this ain’t no Disney
Sometimes I feel like my bitch the only one that’s with me
Know she’d probably die for me, I feel it when she kiss me
Know she’s not just talkin’, feel it when she say she miss me
Run with me, I run with you, can’t let these bitches trip me
Anything you want, baby, that’s what you get from me
Pussy so damn wet, we fuck, I almost came instantly
Fuck what he say, she say, please don’t bring that hatin’ shit to me
Could you let ’em say it? Shoulda hit him in his shit for me
Shoulda kept that shit to yourself, now you a bitch to me
Free B and DJ, they mama like my mama
Told me you a rider, but not nada like this choppa
I remember 2010, I was doin’ hits to Flocka
Can’t lie, Wak’ and Bricksquad had me wildin’ like a monster
I was really hittin’ licks, n**** no imposter…

Oh really?

Those my n*****, say no to the case, still screamin’ free ’em ’til we find ’em
Free Poopy, he gon’ come home, grab that K (Grrt)
For him and Lil Will, oh, I’ma make sure I rep Knowles Ave every day (Knowles Ave)
Made a mistake and let some n***** claim gang, knew they was fake
Free Mick B, n***** spoke on me, you know he broke that n**** face (Haha)
Bitch, I’m ridin’ with this fully, rep that Fully to the grave
Always on go time, 6:26 p.m., that’s on the gang
All that lame shit you heard ’bout me, it’s all hate
Tried to make out a snitch and Photoshopped the wrong name
Fuck Doe Beezy, he a bitch, yeah, that’s what they gon’ all say
‘Til shooters run in they apartments, leave brains in the hallway
Robbed that n**** and shot at him, 2013, I caught a case
Tried to hit his face, I missed, damn, that’s how he saw my face
Went and snitched on me, two counts of armed robbery
He had his bitch on him, told both they asses shut the fuck up
Put them sticks on ’em, that boy’ll lose all focus
See a lick, warning, everyone heard them shots and let me know you was gon’ bitch on me
That’s my fault for lettin’ ’em drive
Then was supposed to kill ol’ boy, but that’s my fault, I let ’em slide
Marv, Shark, Dane, Blaze, look, don’t touch nothin’ of mine
Knew Goonie or Yella never changed up, n***** know I’ma take one of mines
I’ll get whatever for my whole gang to get on
They know my body, know I’m solid, that what they claimin’ this for
Them n***** really saw me in action, know that banger’ll blow
One thing they know for sure, they CEO, that boy ain’t no ho
Shaq got out, took him a gun, I said, “Boy, you should keep it” (Fresh off a murder)
All Fitboy n***** dimed, damn, my boy feel defeated (I know that shit hurt)
That same seven-seven, know you got my number you need it
And I’m so proud of Banky, we just had his first label meeting
I told my n*****, “Better not give up, if you see it, can reach it
So go ‘head and reach your arm out, put your hand on this demon”
I got your back, Lil Craig, you know that, murder gang what I’m screamin’
They know me, Poot, ayy, rider blow that if you gave us a reason
Fat Man and Jesse only n***** I call my OGs
And they don’t even let me say it, they be like, “Nah, you OG”
Don’t fuck with some older n***** ’cause they knew the way, ain’t showed me
Love my young n*****, I’ma give woo and my jack twin Rollies (Oh, really?)
Speak on my situations, if you know that you don’t know me
Say that I’m a pussy, won’t believe it ’til he show me
Some n***** I love turned to opps, catch me lackin’, probably blow me
Same n**** that used to blow for me keep everything I gave him, he don’t owe me
I don’t want that back, you don’t owe me (You don’t owe me)
Get that through your head, I’ma say it slowly (For what I did for you)
Since you was ridin’ for me, guess the tires had a slow leak (Tell ’em what you want)

Cap-ass n***** (That’s crazy)
Doe Beezy (Oh, really?)
Y’all know I’m real as they come (It’s a true story)
They don’t get no realer than me (Based on a true story)
And you know that, hahaha