David Knudson – Medalle Lyrics


Medalle Lyrics by David Knudson (feat. Bayonne)


It seems to set off wonder
It seems to make it all so loud
upon the storm we’re taken by

Then to set asunder
Such a part of me struck down
The heart is what I’m thinkin’ bout

When the pain tastes bitter
to the people it surrounds
I guess you couldn’t stick around

To know what’s on your mind,
I never really tried
Until it all subsides
the sun won’t shine

I still know I’m walking, I’m walking around with my own
These coals are burning

I could say “I love you”, If anything that might survive
My soul is wasted.

The winter takes its time
for me to check my pride
No need to make things right
Don’t fall behind

Don’t know what’s on your mind
I never even tried
So will this all subside?
These separation times

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