DARKOO – Interlude Lyrics


Lyrics for Interlude by DARKOO

Interlude Lyrics


Lyrics “Interlude” by DARKOO (feat. Gabzy)


Have been days I can’t sleep
Not being dramatic but gyal, I can’t eat
Been a couple days you left me on seen
Ignoring my calls so I left you a voice mail

Talkin’ ’bout what could have been
You are not the only rewind on my team
Don’t see me being happy if it’s not with you
Be lyin’ if I said I wish the best for you

Been days I just think
Uneven my mind, not quite Itachi
Not being dramatic, I’m suffocating
I ain’t gonna like the comment for you, girl

These nights, I can’t sleep
I be up all night just remeniscing
Come down, play your history
I know you’re still missin’ me, yeah

No, no, oh-oh
You don’t wanna
Let this go
So why are we fighting?

Girl, all the times you were there
Took it all for granted
All the moments we shared
Girl, I can’t get it back

Girl, I can’t get it back
This feelin’ is high
Been losin’ my mind
This feelin’ ain’t right

Yes, I know
And you know
We can do this over right now
We can
Go slow
Baby, I’m not lettin’ go, oh-oh-oh

Can’t sleep
Can’t eat
Ignoring my calls so I left you a voice mail
Just think
Just remeniscing
Slow down, play our history