Dami Im – Fire Lyrics


Fire Lyrics Dami Im

Fire Lyrics


Fire Lyrics by Dami Im


Do you call it bad luck when nothing’s working out
Like a sinking sailboat our plans are going down, down, down

I’m going deeper
Under pressure
Looking for the flicker to set our hearts on

Fire, fire
We need something to burn for
Fire, fire
Something to burn for
Let’s run through the rain, we’ll find the way
Pushing through the pain we’ll find the strength
We got something to burn for

Are you stuck in a mouse wheel spinning round, till you’re passing out
There’s somebody who needs you, tell them that you love them
Say it out loud, loud, loud

I’m going deeper
To find the treasure
Looking for the flicker that keeps our hearts on


You found your treasure
Under pressure
Don’t let it go out
It’s your super power