D-Block Europe – Bando Baby Diaries Lyrics


Bando Baby Diaries Lyrics by D-Block Europe (feat. Young Adz)


If your heart ain’t fully in the streets, take your leg out
(Yo, man like Mondo)
If your heart ain’t fully in the streets, take your leg out

If your heart ain’t fully in the streets, then take your leg out
They caught him on the corner, gave him 6, that n**** bled out
N***** getting nicked, some snitched, team fell out
Gang started and ended in less than one year, this thing dead out
She loves when I’m in her yard ’cause she ain’t gotta beg
2 on 1, 6 on 3, that’s how I pay my rent
Depending how the town’s moving
And what these other shotters got them used to
Psychology is crucial
I Google check the whole town, then I route
And when I serve a fiend, they’d better put the shots in their mouth
I told these n***** don’t involve me in your raps
Honour my wishes, don’t involve me with your cap
I didn’t travel hundred miles to do 2 for 15 or 4 for 25
Let that stay in the local trap
I infiltrate the town, I just need one local cat
I send the bitch to bring the burners up, see where your soldiers at

What you know about trap so far?
To reload the whole block, it’s gonna take a day
Like you can catch a plane or put it on a train
Blud, this point in my life, I just found so much comfort in pain
Who’s to blame?
Let me put this to you simple, plain
I met a young G and his life was so innocent, tame
Knocked on my bando one time and I saw his face
He was my runner’s friend, so I never sent for him, he came
So I G-check him, ask about his life and what he’s seen
He’s a good kid, his mum kicked him out for smoking weed
Apart from that, I can’t say what went wrong
Blud, he played for the M.K. Dons
I’m like, “Call your mum and let her know you’re in a dirty trap
And your life’s about to change ’cause you’ll end up serving crack
I’ll come back tomorrow, if you’re here, then you’re here
But once you start this life, broski, I don’t wanna see tears”

So I left, and he did
And she said whatever she said
But what she said didn’t stick
So I come back the next day with pebs for the strip
He’s like, “I’m here and hugging it and, broski, I ain’t no kid”
I’m like, “Aight, G, best learn to bank and shank
Bando baby don’t lose no packs
And don’t get jerked
Do the nitty, shotters stay on boats go berserk”
In six months, his life changed for the worst
I think he done four towns, got jerked
Jerk n***** put in work, turn savage, turn worse
Court cases got turned
What is innocent kid with a grin turned into makes me sick
And you know how the dirty game ended
Fighting for his life with a murder case pending
Mummy on the roads taking all of the attention
The guilt that she feels broke her heart, she can’t mend it