CXRPSE – Fuck It. Lyrics


Fuck It. Lyrics by CXRPSE


Gotta say that I dont give a fuck about it anyway
Bunch of label n***** all up in my face
While im working hard tryna get a place
Traveling interstate
Keeping my head down like fuck it
Dont got no time for discussion
Air this bitch out like no russian
Pussy you rap on a budget

Fuck it whats up
Im getting jaded my head out the cut
They never managed to see through the dust
Hate on my n***** we fucking it up

Im feeling pretty when im in the city
Im flexing like diddy or milly vanilly
I show em no pity
Like fuck the committe
I pull out the blicky
For those who aint wit me

Dont plan to leave any witnesses
Skullmask on for the emphasis
Cxrpse the underground infamous
Found more bliss in my ignorance

I would join the illuminati
Crushing baby bodies
All my n***** saudi
Shooting up the party
Kick it like karate
Fuck a new bugatti
Out in abu dhabi
You get disembodied

I pull up and shut it down
Pussy boy you hit the ground
Know they like how I sound
If its up then im down

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