Cuco – Time Machine Lyrics


Time Machine Lyrics by Cuco


If I had a time machine then I’d go back in time
I’d spend all of my hours with you no mistakes of mine

I can only try to take the pain away from your eyes
But in my dreams I’ll make a time machine go back in time

17 thousand hours came and then they flew right by
If I had super powers I would freeze the time you

I could take you everywhere that you’re wanted to go
If I had super powers I’d do it right for you

I don’t want to make you cry or ever shed a tear
Hold you when you need me to take care of all your

You know you leave me hypnotized with the splendor of your face
If I had super powers all your pains would be erased
If we come back to this earth again from this purgatory form
I hope it all plays out again with this fantasy report

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