Cochise – BIRD CHEST Lyrics




Treat a n**** like Raising Canes
Yeah, n****, I already know how to get him
I’m like mehn, you know how I get down
Yeah, it is what it is, I hop in the crib
I brought me a bib
She talkin’ too crazy, look at my crib
Send me a baddie, I call up my dips
Yeah, n***** is pissed, hol’ it
My n**** on a piss, hol’ it
My wrist got a cyst, hol’ it
I’m sippin’ on Tris’, hol’ it, yeah
This ho got the wrong one, think I care ’bout a kiss
These n***** are weirdos, think I care ’bout a diss
I call up my brother, huh, I call up two shortys, huh
Give a fuck ’bout the rubber, huh
I fill it with pain, huh, I give it some color, huh-huh
I’m prayin’ to God, huh, I pass it like roller, huh
Yeah, yeah (Push it)
Yeah, yeah (Push it)
Yeah, yeah (Push it)
Yeah, yeah
Bitch, I’ma spray on some to earth
I put his face on the dirt
Yung Lean, I make it hurt, yeah
White tee, all on my shirt, yeah
Rub by the time you think they blamin’
Who the hell put the lean on my Fanta
I call up Yachty when I’m in Atlanta
He talkin’ crazy, get hit with the hammer
I’m with the colors, I got me some grammar
Shawty she sloppy, I brought her on the plane now

Hahah, hahaha
Hahah, lame ass n*****
Yeah, huh
Yeah, n**** think it’s competition, this is not a standoff
This shit ain’t got paper, okay, let’s go have a band-off
Rick Owens, all white, I feel like I’m Gandalf
N**** think he ratted in my lane, then he get rammed off
Heard you got some opps, n****, you a nerd
Why you drivin’ to the hood, ’cause you livin’ in the ‘burbs
Told that n****, be yourself, no
Why he dissin’ on the brick, talkin’ ’bout, who tryna get served
Go to Waikiki, n****, that’s Hawaii if you knew
Call up Habibi, he like, n****, who we finna shoot?
I just caught the whip, so I had to sell my n**** Bruce
Once I’m done with these retainers
I put 30 on my tooth (For real)
Stay out the track (Uh-huh), n***** they know I’m back (Uh-huh)
Bro got a scope, the MAC (Uh-huh)
Don’t wanna fight a square (Uh-huh)
I told him hold the strap, shawty she like the gap (Uh-huh, Uh-huh)
I told her, hold the front (Uh-huh)
I told her, show your crack (Uh-huh), yeah
N***** sayin’, bro, what happened? (What happened? Huh)
N**** talkin’ crazy, so we slapped him (So we slapped him)
This ain’t chicky, this some cheese, we gon’ wrap him
Heard that n**** wanna fist, so we testin’ on
Call me Luffy ’cause I’m feelin’ like a captain (Ah)
Just like water, baby, all my n***** tapped in (Ah)
Catch me in the backseat, makin’ sure they strapped in
N***** tryna test me, told that
Yeah, turn it off, I don’t wanna rap anymore