Coast Contra – Pimpin’ Benjamin Lyrics


Pimpin’ Benjamin Lyrics by Coast Contra


Pimp the government
Quick, let me give you facts
You can get with this or you can get with that
Benjamin gon’ pimp or you gon’ pimp him back
Now if you get with this, my man gon’ tell you that

You’d rather flip bricks or rather flip houses
You wanna fuck hoes or, n****, pimp dollars
My n****, I’m Gucci, you can keep the Prada
See, when it’s black money, we so close-minded
Look at our mindset, let’s redesign it, let me rewind it
Evolve to different, think to need, we is problem
Trust, we got in, so trust, I’ma profit
Kickin’ knowledge, I’m sincerely payin’ homage
Move godly, think Gandhi, you can’t confine me
They play for checks, I play chess, you can’t pawn me
Sippin’ sake with Kiwosaki while pickin’ property
I plant seeds for money trees, I’m teachin’ botany
‘Member back when they took rap, played Monopoly
Speak facts, they took trap, made copies
They sell they souls for hollow cost, how can we not see
That real wealth is intellectual property? N****

Ayy, I learned the etiquette, pimpin’, duckin’ the delicate mistakes
Had to double up my dollar like Jefferson off the face
Problem is, do you play to win or do you play it safe?
Depends, do you question what it costs or what it make?
You ain’t broke till you think with limits, you rich, you unbound
Not to mention, but chasin’ a pension is out of style
Had a interest for gettin’ digits, bitches gave me the run around
Now the interest on the digits compound, exquisite, huh
That’s how you flip it, huh, we talk metaphysics
When you movin’ solid, you don’t move the money liquid
Implement a vision, speak it to existence
Manifest, and the rest is makin’ good decisions
N****, yes, we pay custodians the best
To consult, hit the vault, clean it like it was a mess
Money looks stolen once the rods turn golden
You can keep it tax-free, fuck the IRS, shit

Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money (Make-make-make the money)
Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money (Pimp the government)

I keep a hustle on the side like extra yams
Keep a hustle on the side for the extras
Vacant eyes, they can’t describe my texture
Smooth n****, my views impress ya
No jewels on the bezel, we don’t embezzle investors
I shoo off the devils, get threw off
Pimpin’ these Benjamins is nuanced, subtle
Watch how my mind work, most inclined to spend all they time first
Grindin’ 9-to-5, don’t honor your worth
We the new employers, make the money, make the money for ya
Chase the money, chase the money, I can assure ya that’s rat racin’
Lap for lap, you’ll get stuck in a loop
You find a loophole, for that, then you uppin’ the loot
It’s tax-exempt, you find the right man in a suit
They beat the IRS and we get W’s too
Ain’t no coincidence, stackin’ my Benjamins, show ’em infinite ways
I’m no Christian, but my money saved
Wealth come in books, my dawgs on the same page
Rich dad, poor dad, one generation away

Yo, before I pimped Benjamins, I had to pimp the government (See)
Put my unemployment money in stocks and doubled it
Life’s too short to get paid every two weeks
N***** lose they life in a second out here for the free
Pay attention ’cause talk is cheap, they call it the American dream
‘Cause you gotta be asleep in order to believe in it (Wake up)
Tantos inmigrantes de todas partes just dream of this
Of bein’ here, pero no saben de lo que pasa detrás de las cortinas
No te imaginas, my n****
When you feedin’ them the truth, you gotta know the plot thickens, my n****
We gotta think bigger on how to get figures
Learn somethin’ unfamiliar, stop our babies from turnin’ into strippers and drug dealers
Give ’em better than what we had, generational wealth is the task
We need change deeper than coins in your couch
For the roots of my family tree, I’m branchin’ out
I used to keep money in my socks, now it’s mailbox money every Friday on the clock
Out here on the block ,trade foreign global currencies
After more assets, and less liabilities
Cuttin’ ’em off like old bitches I tossed, please
Bitch, I’m not a rapper, I’m a global mogul black star
With a soulful flow from here to Acapulco and Collie Park

Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money (Fuck the IRS)

Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money
Pimp Benjis, flip money (Pimp the government)

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