CIVIC – Taken By Force Lyrics


Taken By Force Lyrics


The eastern sun it burns so bright
As we look for shade from an evil light
Eternity fits like a glove
No call for forgiveness from up above
Sifting through ashes
A funeral pyre
No call to return im a bird on the wire
Blood on your knuckles
Under your chin
Im praying for god
Oh father I have sinned

The enemy strikes
The flags set alight
Its all for the taking in the cover of night
The big door slams
Its par for the course
Taken by force

Six gun salute oh baby here come the reds
The cat got fat so its off with their heads
I welcome new china, the communist dream
No room for the west under new regime
Won’t read it in the papers there was no sign
It’s right there in front of you on enemy lines
No need to be sad
No need to be upset
At least now I can afford a pack of cigarettes