Carla Geneve – Brisbane Lyrics


Brisbane Lyrics by Carla Geneve


In a hostel bed in Brisbane
I dreamt that we were making love
Distance and humidity made it easier for me to see

Waking with no pillow
Yeah I’ve been feeling kinda hollow
Walk down the street to my solo show
People to meet then tomorrow
I’ll be gone
Because I am the one who leaves

Sam calls me ‘bout our garden
He tells me how the plants are growing
I hope you’re looking at the ocean
I hope that you woke up knowing
That I miss you
And that I’m coming home soon

I stand at oversize baggage
With a long black, assessing the damage
I just can’t lift this case no more
In the morning, it’s quarter to four
And I’m so gone
But I am still the one who leaves

I dreamt I drove you to the airport
With your bags guitar and passport
I sat with you in the lounge
Followed as far as I was allowed
And then you were gone
I liked it better when I was the one who leaves