CAMP – Blues for Nina Lyrics


Blues for Nina Lyrics by CAMP (Interlude)


This is not an intermission
This is not an inner vision
Just a multi-prism of her thoughts and my intuition
Her fault but my indecision, she talks but I never listen
She took the time, I took another line
She gave, I declined, she stayed, I reclined
She left, I want
But she never lied, no, she never lied

She had a hard time, I had a heart blind
Passion and vested interest
I suggested extension, she said, “N****, why mention?”
Then I saw the vision of missed mission
I miss women, all of it, the whole subject
I took score, I took more
And the more and more I do it
The more she swore she’d stay away
She never play

‘Til the day she met me then our flame turned to steam
Once she saw all my flaws
And all of the passion I never gave her
To get out of love in time
To bleed, to run free
To go and see
These feelings for me
We’re crossing the sea
Where no one could reach them
Damn, I went and I drowned in it
Thought I could swim when the tide came rolling in
Oh, I’m strugglin’, yeah

Don’t know if it’s a, don’t know which way to go
In case I, I lose my way
Again, we must’ve lost the magic
‘Cause we crash, it’s tragic
All of them nights that you stayed away
All of them nights that I caught the fade
We washed away into the deep
Into the deep, into the sea

We washed away into the deep
Into the deep, into the sea

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