Bugzy Malone – The Immortals Lyrics


The Immortals Lyrics by Bugzy Malone & Josh Berger


Gods, angels, skeletons
Martin Luther said a long time ago that God writes the gospel not in the bible along, but also in the trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars
Angels, it is said that all guardian angels come to us as a disguised, the Catholic Church recognises the existence of only three archangels
Michael, who is like God, Gabriel, God’s power and Raffaello, God’s doctor
Angels will not disintegrate with logic but they are most likely to fly for those who believe
Skeletons, Sherman Alexie said that your past is a skeleton walking one step behind you and your future if a skeleton walking one step in front of you, maybe you don’t wear a watch but your skeletons do and they always know what time it is
Gods, angels, skeletons