Buddy – Ain’t Fair Lyrics


Ain’t Fair Lyrics by Buddy


Yea yo
Lifestyle of the young and the restless
Wreckless slingin marijuana to mescaline
Momma told me I shouldn’t mess with them
But I confess them n*ggas some of my best friends back then
Daddy told me I couldn’t trust them
Gotta get from round all the yes men
Had to adjust when I’m alone is when I start to reflect and shit got me all vexed I’m wonderin
What’s next
This just in, fucked a bitch in back of the Westin
Was takin the back streets all this dirty money attract me
No I wont be given the scraps to these hoes
I’m packin these shows in Japanese clothes
Leavin LAX then I’m back at Heathrow
Oxtails soon as I’m back on pico
Never pay attention to stats, too busy gettin the racks
These n*ggas don’t even be livin they raps, nah
Lifestyle of the black and the rich in this bitch
You see this thing on my wrist, I’m the shit
When I was younger it was only a wish
Now I can’t take a piss without somebody comin takin a pic
Poppin bottles rollin up somethin fat with the hoes in the backstage
And drowning my pain in the champagne
Got me reminiscing on back in the day
Talkin about back in the day back when we was baggin it up
Had a lil bit of money started stackin it up
These days thought they would love to see me packin it up that’s wassup
Took it from the hood to hollywood now I’m acting up
Still have yet to meet another n*gga I could trust
N*ggas stay throwin salt throwin shots from the black trucks
And takin them shots like its starbucks
Ain’t the only one had it hard that end up breakin the law
But that shit got me all emotionally scarred still I evolve
This for all my n*ggas low ridin we got the bounce
This for all my n*ggas that’s flocking we in the house
This for all my n*ggas from Compton we want it now
This for everybody ay

It ain’t fair fair fair fair fair fair
Nah it aint fair out here

Lifestyle of the super ghetto fellow
Hell or heaven 7th letter predecessors
They can never, another level
Never settle I embody Machiavelli
I get better I get better I get better I get better
I been dancing with the devil, god dammit I said it
Taking drugs and etcetera singing figaro figaro
Watch me finger roll up the kush
No I’m not gonna pass I kiss it right off the glass on that ass
I got some homies from the hood that’ll blast on that ass
I got some bitches poppin up from the past tryin to smash me
They don’t know I was down bad just last week
Momma hit me up and she asked me

Baby Whatcha gon do about it,
Tell me whatcha gon do about it

I’m gettin ya high I’m gettin ya high (x2)
Whatcha gon do about it, whatcha gon do about it

The beat got me hypnotized goin through my twitter timeline desensitized
All I see is bad bitches and hoes rap n*ggas wit doe
While the hood gettin gentrified, shit
Open ya eyes open the blinds look outside and watch as the dry leaves catch fire

I’m gettin ya high I’m gettin ya high (x4)