boygenius – Emily I’m Sorry Lyrics


Emily I’m Sorry Lyrics


She’s asleep in the backseat
Looking peaceful enough to me
But she’s waking up inside a dream
Full of screeching tires and fire
We’re coming back from where no one lives, pretty much just veterans
When I pointed out where the north star is, she called me a fucking liar

Emily, I’m sorry I just
Make it up as I go along
And I can feel myself becoming
Someone only you could want

Headed straight for the concrete in a nightmare screaming
Now I’m wide awake, spiraling, and you don’t want to talk
Just take me back to Montreal
I’ll get a real job, you’ll go back to school
We can burn out in the freezing cold
And just get lost

Emily, I’m sorry, baby
You know how I get when I’m wrong, and
I can feel myself becoming
Somebody I’m not, I’m not so

Emily, forgive me, can we
Make it up as we go along?
I’m twenty-seven and I don’t who I am
But I know what I want

Emily, I’m sorry
Emily, I’m sorry
I’m sorry