Bloc Party – The Peace Offering Lyrics


The Peace Offering Lyrics by Bloc Party


I was filming my final scene the other day
When something really rather grave came over me
“Don’t take it so personal,” you used to say
“It’s only a game”

The first thing I lost was belief in the system
But in the end, the system always wins
I bet you wanna know what happens next, don’t you?

So if I’m being frank
I have no need for your scented candles
I don’t need your peace offering
I’d rather have the money you spend
If I’m being frank

So I ride into town on a blood-red horse
Thinking about the thought that connects all thoughts
Where did it get you being Mr. Plus One?
You’re not being honest

As Heaven’s my witness
I did you no harm
There was no, no malice in my heart
Even after everything you’ve done
No, I don’t wish you death by stinging nettles
I don’t with you death by a thousand paper cuts
No, not anymore

But I, I think it’s better
You, you stay where you are
And I continue to support you from afar
Through the whispered words of mutual friends or the Society Pages
And to Evening Standard magazine

See, I remember how you walked away
And I see now what was really at stake
So when we meet again at the crossroads
And you see me the way I see you
There will be no bitterness
Just next time, do the right thing

Do the right thing
And don’t believe all
And do the right thing