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Cruising black midi Lyrics

Cruising Lyrics


Cruising Lyrics by black midi


Cruising with Amapola
Coming through my Rolls’ radio
Down Main Street, through Melrose
And down to the boardwalk
Looking for the last mark ‘fore the unknown
No fooling
They all did make their bed

Cruising with lovely Amapola
Telling me she loves me so
Can any centenarian authentically recall a time where they felt anything at all?
I thought not, I know not, not me sir, no no sir, not me

Useless begging
A left turn to the docks
Our man works day and night
That’s all son

Always another, always one more

Another dance, another swing
Another night, another fling
Another race, another scene
Another time, another theme

Cruising with Amapola
Telling me, “please don’t go”

One last score, One last hit
One last Thrill, One last miss
One last Rush, One Last Go
One last try for the late night show

Amapola, Amapola, how I long to hear you say
“I love you”