Björk – Allow Lyrics


Allow Lyrics by Björk (feat. Emilie Nicolas)


The warm open wind on my skin
Primordial plant glistening with moisture
With moisture, direct it at me
Erect my hair fossilized with salt and crust

Allow, allow, allow
Allow you to grow
Allow, allow, allow, allow
Allow, allow, allow
Allow me, me to grow

I look up at the treetops
I will braid those twigs together
Create a cathedral ceiling above me
How I long to float there midair
Between the branches amongst impossible magic

Allow, allow, allow
Allow, allow you to grow
Allow it to happen
Allow, allow, allow
Allow, allow

I made a moon
A translucent one
I’ma put it out and let it out for someone like you
How mysterious I must feel to you
The universe and the sky too
My little phoenix
When you burst out a song from my lips